Jan De Luz

Hunting the fine, the rare, the serviceable


The French Touch

Born in Southwestern France, Jan de Luz began his journey as an apprentice cabinetmaker where he acquired an immense appreciation for the fine craftmanship. Soon after, while in his twenties Jan turned his attention to recreating old fabrics by hand with a restored antique loom. He then found himself researching with a deep passion, the lost art of Basque weaving and mantes à bœuf (Basque cattle blankets).

Following his passion has always been essential to the success of Jan de Luz, leading to his first successful business; a chain of retail stores throughout France featuring the finest quality natural-fiber linens designed and woven in his own workshop.

In 1996, he and his family moved to California and established an import business for French antiques. Jan lives on the Central Coast of California with his wife, Brigitte, his daughter Léhéna, and son Olivier.