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Double Panel Door

Double Panel Door


One of the difficult sides of the antiques business is collecting artifacts in the wake of tragedy, but the offsetting virtue is that you end up with the privilege to preserve them. This lovely double-paneled oaken door with iron detailing dates from sometime in the first decade of the 20th century; it was a late interior addition to a 16th-century farmhouse in Normandy that suffered catastrophic fire damage, and we were fortunate to have secured salvage rights to the house before it was razed. We had to replace the frame and the working fixtures, but otherwise this piece is intact. It would make a fine wine-cellar door in its new life.






Oak & Iron


Early 20th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 43 " / 109 cm
Height: 94 " / 239 cm
Depth: 3,5 " / 9 cm