Doors and Surrounds

Entry Door


The mansarde, or cattle ranch, of the French Midi generally featured a baronial hall where the rich proprietor lived in isolated splendor. In the 19th century, with the arrival of cheaper cattle products from the Americas, mansards ceased to be economically viable and they and their manor houses were gradually abandoned. A few years ago, we retrieved the iron front-door fixtures from a mansarde that was about to be torn down. A master craftsman re-hewed and re-milled for us a new door and a new frame out of solid Catalan oak. We then refurbished and reinstalled the antique fixtures, including the H-shaped “mustache” hinge, the ingenious 3-point lock system, which we updated with precision tumblers, and all the original fittings, inside and out. This handsome, massive, typically Provencal mansarde door is fully ready to start its new life in the New World.



Overall Dimensions

Width: 44 " / 112 cm
Height: 112 " / 284 cm
Depth: 3,5 " / 9 cm