Doors and Surrounds

Front Door


It is difficult even for a collector accustomed to lucky finds to believe that this item became available to us. The occasion was a banker with contemporary tastes purchasing a property in an old town in the Vaucluse, on the lower Rhone. She had bought what is known as an “hôtel particulier,”a large townhouse, in the city of Avignon. She wanted a more modern façade for it and so let us buy its original, intricately carved main wooden door, which she wanted replaced by one in steel and ceramic. The portal we secured is of thick walnut, with a very unique arrangement of inlaid steel bolts acting as either structural elements or decorative filigrees. An old-time arriving guest would be dazzled by the intricacy of the woodwork; an old-time potential thief would be vexed trying to figure out which steel bolt to attack first. Your guests today will be simply awed by the solidity and artistry of your front door.








Late 18th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 68,5 " / 174 cm
Height: 123 " / 312 cm
Depth: 3 " / 8 cm