Doors and Surrounds

Front Door


This gorgeous front door has an almost Gatsby roaring 20s feel, with the twisted and modular metal work across the windows. A delicate fan with long pillars of lines mark the bottom half; such exquisite linear delineation along the lower half of the door. And at the top? The bold curves and retro aerodynamic forms in the window - even the metal is impressed with a repetitive design. And for the romantic in all of us, organic roses, leaves, and ivy crown the top of the windows. And the top half, the windows, open like miniature French doors from inside, allowing for a cooling breeze without inviting the outdoors in. The window locks work, the door locks are 3 point locks and work.





Overall Dimensions

Width: 41 " / 104 cm
Height: 80 " / 203 cm
Depth: 3 " / 8 cm