Doors and Surrounds

Glass Door


Historians of architecture have paid little attention to the French manade, the type of large house built by wealthy livestock barons in the poorer southern parts of the country, which is a pity. Now ravaged by time, they often contained beautiful details, such as this spectacular pair of arched French windows dating from the 1840s that we found in Provence. Note the sophisticated cremone locks, in which one twist of the handle drives shafts into floor as well as ceiling grooves—a vastly expensive mechanism likely installed to humor a city bride suddenly stuck living in a country backwater, where such a device would have seemed a miracle to the local rustics. We rescued these windows from a derelict estate; too delicate for outside work, today they would make fine interior fixtures, such as the entrance to a sunroom or wine cellar.






Wood - glass


Mid 19th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 54 " / 137 cm
Height: 113,5 " / 288 cm
Depth: 1,5 " / 4 cm