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Hand Carved Bull Head Statue

Hand Carved Bull Head Statue


It is our great pride to have many rare and unique artifacts in the Jan de Luz collections, but even in that context this majestic bull’s head stands out. Carved from a single block of limestone, it was originally embedded in the main vaulted arch of a manor house on a large mansarde—a cattle ranch—in France’s Midi. The economic boom enjoyed by mansardes until about the mid 19th century afforded their proprietors the luxury to commission an object such as this one: It both advertised what business the proprietor was in and impressed the visitor with his wealth. We were able to recover this magnificent bull’s head because we have very alert salvage agents; it will be a pleasure to discuss with its new owner what role it can play in an American property today.








Early 19th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 29 " / 74 cm
Height: 30 " / 76 cm
Depth: 32 " / 81 cm