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Statue of Moses

Statue of Moses


A cast iron statue of "The Moses", originally sculpted by MIchaelangelo Buonarroti. The statue was commissioned in 1505 by Pope Julius II for his tomb; this cast iron version was created circa 1880 from the Val d'Osne art foundry in Paris -- which was known for its collaboration with important artists of the time and renowned for its fountains, cast iron statues based on antique or classic models. The horns on Moses' head are a reference to the interpretation that when Moses came down from the mountain, after receiving the 10 commandments from God, with horns on his head (or "emitting rays" or "shining") as a symbol of his conversation with God. This was based on hard to translate text, but still the phenomenon extended into the Renaissance and if you ever see Moses with horns, you know the historical theological reference.




Cast iron


Late 19th Century