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Limestone Trough

Limestone Trough


To a non-collector, one limestone trough can often seem pretty much the same as any other, but to the trained eye each has an individuality that makes it worth one’s while examining. This one, dating from about 1850, came from a prosperous farm in the Cognac region of France. Note the smoothness of the carving. Most troughs were delivered as raw blocks and worked into shape by the purchaser. This one was obviously delivered from the quarry and then carved on-site by a master mason at a considerable price. Any visitor who knew his stuff would take one look at this piece and know that it belonged to a man of means.





Overall Dimensions

Width: 21 " / 53 cm
Height: 10 " / 25 cm
Depth: 15,5 " / 39 cm

Inside Dimensions

Width: 16,5 " / 42 cm
Height: 7,5 " / 19 cm
Depth: 11 " / 28 cm