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Limestone Trough

Limestone Trough


With water holes near the bottom for plants, this trough could also be used as a wishing well. The holes near the top of the trough suggest that it could also be collaborated into a wishing well, with an arch, pulley, and water bucket all attached. The colors and moss growing on the trough are from the moisture in the air around it, France; meaning, the more moisture in the air, the more the trough will be effulgent with color and foliage texture. Let your imagination run wild with our antique endurable function-flexible selection of troughs.






Early 19th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 43,5 " / 110 cm
Height: 22 " / 56 cm
Depth: 29 " / 74 cm

Inside Dimensions

Width: 34 " / 86 cm
Height: 15 " / 38 cm
Depth: 20 " / 51 cm