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Limestone Trough

Limestone Trough


To a non-collector, one limestone trough can often seem pretty much the same as any other, but to the trained eye each has an individuality that makes it worth one’s while examining. Large enough to house your plants and foliage, it also is the perfect size for a modern take on how to incorporate ancient troughs with contemporary living -- perhaps near the front as a water feature, in the courtyard as a relaxed collected pond, or anything else your heart could imagine.






Early 19th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 52 " / 132 cm
Height: 22 " / 56 cm
Depth: 33,5 " / 85 cm

Inside Dimensions

Width: 43,5 " / 110 cm
Height: 14 " / 36 cm
Depth: 22,5 " / 57 cm