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Fountain with Pan's Face

Fountain with Pan's Face


This is a unique style wall fountain, of cast stone, featuring the face of the Greek God Pan. Pan was connected to shepherds and flocks, hunting, and so, was related to fertility and springtime -- making him a perfect spring lush garden fountain. There are fat leaf-like wrapping at the base of the fountain, with a sash and bow along the side of the basin. Then the fountain back has an ornate trimming with leafs almost flowing the head of Pan. And the shape above his head is like a symbolic wreath of power, or circle of divinity, noting his powerful past.


Cast Stone

Overall Dimensions

Width: 38 " / 97 cm
Height: 73 " / 185 cm
Depth: 26 " / 66 cm

Inside Basin dimensions

Width: 33 " / 84 cm
Height: 9 " / 23 cm
Depth: 22 " / 56 cm