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Bronze Frog for Fountain

Bronze Frog for Fountain


Our two very special bronze frogs are copies we had executed from an elaborate fountain created for the Val d’Osne foundry in 1854 by master metalworker Mathurin Moreau, which won a gold medal at the Exposition Universel in Paris in 1855. Some 17 such fountains were commissioned, but only two examples remain. These stood at either end of the Alées de Tourny in Bordeaux from 1857 until 1960, when the city decided their upkeep was too high and sold them off to third parties. These frogs rested on lily pads in their fountains’ pools. We used the specification in the 1854 Val d’Osne catalog to re-create them exactly in the same bronze Moreau himself used and left the interiors hollow so that a new owner can make his own fountain from them. The first has been weathered using our house techniques to look 160 years old; the second is as it first appeared in 1854.



Overall Dimensions

Width: 15 " / 38 cm
Height: 8 " / 20 cm
Depth: 15 " / 38 cm