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Green Chairs (Set of 4)

Green Chairs (Set of 4)


At times, even the most attentive collector is stumped by objects which he nonetheless covets. These four steel café chairs date from sometime in the early 20th century, and to judge by the construction technique they are either from a south Belgian or northern French foundry. The wide seats and curved backs hint they were made with the comfort of substantially sized city-dwellers in mind; the artful drainage holes indicate they were intended for a café terrace set in a rainy place, where they would quickly dry when the sun came out. We found them at an estate sale in Lille.






Early 20th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 16 " / 41 cm
Height: 32,5 " / 83 cm
Depth: 16 " / 41 cm

Seat Dimensions

Width: 14,5 " / 37 cm
Height: 17 " / 43 cm
Depth: 14,5 " / 37 cm