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Set of Chairs (4)

Set of Chairs (4)


People who drink wine tend to spend much of their time seated, and the Bordeaux blacksmith who crafted this set of cast-iron chairs around 1900 plainly entertained deep thoughts about how one sits around in comfort. The artisanal construction features rivets rather than welding for structural integrity; the built-in springs, which at first glance appear to be mere decorative elements, give these metal masterpieces an elasticity that would be surprising even in current-day ergonomic chairs. You’ll need an extra bottle of Bordeaux to hand, because once installed in them your guests may want to stay awhile.






Early 20th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 17 " / 43 cm
Height: 31 " / 79 cm
Depth: 17 " / 43 cm

Seat Dimensions

Width: 13,5 " / 34 cm
Height: 18 " / 46 cm
Depth: 14,5 " / 37 cm