Outdoor Furniture

Stone Bench


This bench was hand-carved out of a single, massive block of limestone excavated not far from the presbytère or church rectory where we found it, at Libourne in St. Emilion on the Garonne River, not far north from the city of Bordeaux. For more than half a century it did its duty seating farmers and winemakers before church services and after, gaining the patina of age that differentiates a poured cement reproduction from the true stone original. It was our luck to find it just as the local diocese was seeking more modest, less imposing furnishings for the parish, but the effort of moving such a weighty object over an ocean and a continent was not inconsiderable. We hope this colossus finds a permanent home where it can be loved by generations to come.








Mid 20th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 79 " / 201 cm
Height: 29 " / 74 cm
Depth: 18 " / 46 cm

Seat Dimensions

Width: 79 " / 201 cm
Height: 16 " / 41 cm
Depth: 14 " / 36 cm