Outdoor Furniture

Stone Table


For a place known for the general easiness of its living, the hilltop village of Ménerbes in the Luberon region of Provence has produced, over the centuries, a disproportionate number of extremely hardworking and very talented stonemasons. This massive table of local limestone is a very recent example of Ménerbes artistry. It was hand-carved sometime soon after World War II. You will note the laser-like precision of its workmanship, the graceful lines that make it seem, for all its heft, as though it floats on air, and the inspired choice of differently calcified stone that contrast base and top so beautifully. We are eager to find more like it, but with no luck so far.






Mid 20th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 94 " / 239 cm
Height: 30,5 " / 77 cm
Depth: 41 " / 104 cm