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Small Diamond Sink

Small Diamond Sink


This beautifully aged and weathered small diamond sink is a marvel both to the eye and the ages. Sculpted from strong sturdy marble, this sink is the perfect little corner addition to any bathroom or wash place. Superb in amongst flora and landscape for a secret in your garden. Beautiful coloring along the rock edges back of the sink, from blues to oranges striping the natural back. But perfectly smooth where your body will meet the sink. Also there are small open pleats at the edges and middle of the sink to accentuate its corner position, while still offering a nice round full basin.








Late 19th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 26 " / 66 cm
Height: 6,5 " / 17 cm
Depth: 20 " / 51 cm

Inside Dimensions

Width: 13 " / 33 cm
Height: 6 " / 15 cm
Depth: 8 " / 20 cm