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Stone Wishing Well

Stone Wishing Well


In the days before water was municipally supplied, it usually came from a local well, and the condition of the well-head told you much about the individual or community that used it. This 18th-century example came from a small village in the Charente-Maritime, on the Atlantic coast of Bordeaux. The V-shaped groove in the stone was carved by generations of people hauling water up via a bucket attached to a rope or chain; the water table was high in this wet environment and the locality poor, so there was little incentive for any one individual to go to the trouble and expense of building a pulley system for such a shallow well. For this reason it is quite distinctive, and with a thick glass top would make both a great patio table and a unique conversation piece.








Late 18th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 37 " / 94 cm
Height: 25 " / 64 cm
Depth: 37 " / 94 cm

Inside Dimensions

Width: 27 " / 69 cm
Height: 25 " / 64 cm
Depth: 27 " / 69 cm