Decorative Elements



In an age when darkness is an unfamiliar thing and a candle an object you can pick up in the local grocery story, it is easy to forget what power a church had, especially in a poor region two centuries ago, to awe its parishioners. For most, light was poor and came from either a fireplace or wicks dipped in tallow or oil. Clean, bright, powerful light—light like that in Heaven—that you could only see during Holy Services. This intricate, hand-hammered iron candleholder dating from the early 19th century would have impressed on several levels: its light, of course; its complement of bright, sweet-smelling, pure-wax candles, 11 of them, each one worth a week’s wages for a workingman; the intricate artistry of its construction that would have made it an object of marvelous worth to the average villager. In the part of northern Spain where we found it, it would have been a church’s equivalent to a modern-day laser show.






Early 19th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 78 " / 198 cm
Height: 54 " / 137 cm
Depth: 13 " / 33 cm