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Wooden Crucifix

Wooden Crucifix


Europe, and especially southern Europe, has becoming increasingly secularized since the end of the Second World War, and whether this is a good thing or bad is a matter for pundits to debate. For a collector, it is a good thing. We were able to buy the contents of a deconsecrated church in northern Spain, which included this remarkable crucifix. Polychrome, hand-carved, and exquisitely preserved thanks to the height at which it hung over the church altar, it was made in the mid-19th century by a local woodworker whose name has been lost. It is an exceptionally unique example of religious folk art from the Pyrenees region.






Mid 19th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 39 " / 99 cm
Height: 74,5 " / 189 cm
Depth: 14 " / 36 cm