Furniture, Case Pieces

Grocery Cupboard


If you’re a lucky dealer in antiques, there are a few times in your career when you come across an object that can be a story. If you’re very lucky, you find something that can be a novel. This one is an epic. This grocery-store spice hutch from about 1880 tells you so much about France at the time that you could write a book about it no one could put down—even an Englishman. A total of 21 labeled drawers offer spices that are a resume of how extensive France’s global commercial networks were at the time and how well-educated a Brillat-Savarin-reading, Escoffier-fed population was about food back in the heyday of France. Caracoli coffee from Columbia? Gum arabic? Crimean wormwood for licorice flavoring? They’re all here, as well as 18 glass-windowed boxes to tempt Junior with bonbons while madame is doing her serious 19th-century foodie shopping. Even the cypress-wood this hutch is made from smells like the perfume of a husky-voiced femme fatale who can cook. A glorious piece.




Late 19th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 104,5 " / 265 cm
Height: 44 " / 112 cm
Depth: 12,75 " / 32 cm