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Louis XV Armoire


The era known to antiquarians of things French as Louis XV roughly stretches from the death of Louis XIV in 1710 to the beginnings of the American Revolution. The furniture of the time is perhaps the best ever created —elegantly designed, solidly crafted, & a joy to look at. An armoire of the type known as a “soupière” is a place to store large dishes to be used on special occasions. This one comes from an estate in Bordeaux whose original owners were Martinique-based pliers of what was euphemistically called the “triangle trade”—European goods exchanged for slaves in Africa who were then forced to produce sugar for export. What a beautiful piece from such a terrible trade. Borer-worm damage that would have destroyed less solid woodwork was sustained either in the tropics centuries ago or in the wake of WWII, when the estate it came from suffered a period of exposure to the elements. The damage only lends more color and character to the lovely heirloom.








Late 18th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 64 " / 163 cm
Height: 119 " / 302 cm
Depth: 25 " / 64 cm