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Oak Bench from the Church

Oak Bench from the Church


Some things never change, the least of which is the intense desire of the well-to-do in a religiously strict society to be seen as more godly and more observant than their less fortunate fellow parishioners. This fantastically detailed pew, which comes from a deconsecrated church in the Basque region of Spain, was built in the early 18th century for a grandee who clearly took public devotion seriously. The woodwork is breathtaking in every respect, from the seamless joints to the intricate detailing to the deep finish on the highest-quality, rich-grained oak that makes up this remarkable piece. The articulated seats reverse to provide what can only be termed butt-rests for the portions of a religious service when the grandee and his immediate family were required to stand. At the time, the Church was seen as a religious and political space, so while the pew occupied a place close to the altar, the grandee still had to prostrate himself before God, and humbly assemble his family in this custom carved pew. Ergo, how much he actually paid for it remains a secret between himself, the genius carpenter who built it, and God.






Early 18th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 122 " / 310 cm
Height: 53,5 " / 136 cm
Depth: 26 " / 66 cm

Seat Dimensions

Width: 26 " / 66 cm
Height: 18 " / 46 cm
Depth: 11 " / 28 cm