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Pair of Armoires


This rare set of matching encoignures hail from a chateau in the Renaissance village of Champlitte in Haute-Saone, France at the end of the 18th century. Encoignure is the French word for a corner cupboard, to maximize the floor space in a room and optically curve the room to wrap around you like a vast landscape. The set have a secret compartment in the center banding with a romantic heart-shaped lock for security. Like Penelope and Odysseus’ wedding bed, these antique cupboards have secreted the lock from sight, so that only a husband and wife would know its location. The top and bottom cupboard doors lock with a skeleton key ensuring that while it originally stored French linens, this corner cupboard can also store more personal items with security. And in the history of its storage, you can see the remains of old French labels still written onto the shelves within. As well, the traditional blue paint on the shelves serves a double purpose — 1) it was the traditional color for storing linens in France, to counteract the jaundicing of sunlight streaming through windows and 2) it repels the flies and other insects from minutely leaving their mark on your fabrics. There could be no better antique acquisition for the modern bedroom or living room than this handsome set of corner cupboards. Their soft worn-wood coloring with river of rings exhibit the long-lasting nature of the design and material, already 220 years old, this romantic matching testament will still be standing for years to come.






Louis XIV


Late 18th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 80 " / 203 cm
Height: 122,5 " / 311 cm
Depth: 48 " / 122 cm