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Children Painting with Ornate Wooden Frame

Children Painting with Ornate Wooden Frame


This gorgeous ornate wooden frame is beautifully rendered, with golden brown accents on the highlights of the curves, and detailed grain on the broader strokes. Obviously in the baroque style, this painting frame is all about the larger grander things in life. Sweetly, there is a oil painting of children inside this frame, accenting the innocence of children and their simpler reactions and gatherings from life, while still dreaming above and beyond the simply mediocre.




Oil Painting & Wood

Overall Dimensions

Width: 21,25 " / 54 cm
Height: 23,5 " / 60 cm
Depth: 4 " / 10 cm

Painting Dimensions

Width: 9,5 " / 24 cm
Height: 7,5 " / 19 cm