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Glass Wine Jug

Glass Wine Jug


Glass culture has been around for a long time; wine culture, perhaps even longer. In ancient Rome, the people kept their wine stored in the famous Grecian clay jars and jugs. This clay material was able to hold the wine inside and semi-protected the wine in transit, at the time glass was too fragile to properly hold wine, let alone transport it. But in the 17th century, glass culture exploded with new firing techniques to make harder thicker glass -- this glass wine jug is a testament of that advancement. This glass wine jug is also in the old shape of wine jars, big and fat -- but since to store wine you keep it on its side, this shape of wine jug fell out of fashion. And, in the time of hand made products, this 1850s jug was made to the size of the artists' lungs -- one breath full of air's worth. All wine jugs were created with this changing un-standardized size until it became standardized 100 years after this jug was made.








Mid 19th Century

Overall Dimensions

Width: 13 " / 33 cm
Height: 18 " / 46 cm
Depth: 13 " / 33 cm